Avengers: Assemble!

How good was the Avengers movie? One of my favorite movie experiences (right up there with the amazing Batman Begins).

Luckily, when I was asked to make this Avengers cake for two boys, I got to do (ahem) Market Research.

The cake is choc-on-choc and choc-berry. (I think it’s probably best not to tell Hulk that his layer is strawberry OK? It’ll be our secret)

Captain America is made all the more awesome by the candles I found discounted at my favorite cake supply store. I’m guessing there’s not much call for US flags on candles here in Melbourne, Australia?

Iron Man’s energy unit has is backlit so it glowed during the party.

But the pièce de résistance has to be Hulk. The concept of the torn shirt was from my wife. I was thinking of doing some muscley bulges in the cake, but you have to get them just right or it just looks like a lumpy cake. This idea is way better. Doesn’t it look awesome?